Sourdough Hotel

Shortly after starting my sourdough starter, I saw this article on Bon Appetit magazine’s website about new words in the food and bev world. Just what I need! Sourdough Hotel (noun): “Let’s say you’re seriously into baking bread. You need to feed the sourdough more flour every day to maintain it,” Friedland says. “So, if … More Sourdough Hotel

Camping Packing List: For the Gorgeous and Prepared

Picnic basket, cooler, ice packs: My parents bought me a very adorable picnic basket with a purple cloth lid. Get one of these to feel cute. Food for cooking and beach/hiking snacks: I always think of food first because my hungry is not so pretty. Also, I love to cook. Bring what you like, but I packed … More Camping Packing List: For the Gorgeous and Prepared

Homemade bread

I know, I know, I haven’t written in a while. But let’s talk about toast. Is toast not the most versatile, most satisfying thing on this planet? With something so good, how can you even choose how to eat it? The possibilities leave my head spinning. Smashed avocado with pepper? Yogurt and honey? Almond butter? … More Homemade bread

Yummy goodness

Yesterday, I took a bite from an apple, looked up at the sky and said thank you. I eat an apple about every day, and I’ve never done that before. Picked up at one of the many apple stands at Eastern Market, I don’t even remember what kind it was. But I tasted pure yummy goodness. The change … More Yummy goodness