Tisane time

Most of my garden I have started by seed, but early on I bought lavender, parsley and sweet mint starter plants. This was partly because of impatience – I needed something to look at while I was waiting for my seeds to sprout. Parsley and mint both needed part shade, so I re-planted them in … More Tisane time

Bottle garden

With a tight budget and a slightly lazy gardening technique, I need to catch those good ideas when they fall. After accumulating a good amount of wine bottles over a week (or two, but really probably just one week), Trev came up with a brilliant upside-down wine bottle garden idea. Here is a video of … More Bottle garden

Pizza and basil

I’m beginning to see my gardening efforts infiltrate the kitchen. I came home from work last night to find that my sister and my boyfriend had made a pizza for dinner. They made a Margherita-esque pizza with fresh basil leaves from the garden. One night I have to squint and inhale dirt to see it. … More Pizza and basil

Thinning the radi

Just seven days after I had planted the tiny seeds in mid-April, my radishes were sprouting. At the beginning of May, the leaves were lush and green and fighting for space like beautiful Miss America contestants on the back row of the podium. Since my Missouri alumni calendar I received in the mail last Fall … More Thinning the radi


At the start of December 2012, I flew from Iowa to Washington, D.C. with two suitcases of clothes and my journalism and French degrees. My boyfriend, Trev, met me at Union Station, and we took a taxi to a row house where I was renting a bedroom. The next week, I found myself employed as … More Introduction