Tisane time

Most of my garden I have started by seed, but early on I bought lavender, parsley and sweet mint starter plants. This was partly because of impatience – I needed something to look at while I was waiting for my seeds to sprout. Parsley and mint both needed part shade, so I re-planted them in a long planter and put them out on the back patio that faces north. They have grown well there, they are so big!

Mint and parsley
The two have gradually expanded.
I might have to separate the two into two larger pots.
I might have to separate them into two larger pots.

Last night, I unpacked my teapot from college and steeped some mint leaves of boiling water for a little before-bed warm-y. It was soothing with a little honey stirred in. It reminded me of my summer in France when my host grandma would steep lemon verbena leaves. Every night after dinner when it was cooling down, she would pick a handful of leaves from the plant by the driveway and ask if I wanted a “little tisane.” I would stir in one or two sugar cubes from the dish she kept on the table as we sat out on their open porch.

Mint tea
No caffeine to keep you up before bed. It won’t even stain your teeth.

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