Summer stories

It’s another hot one in D.C. today. Sweltering and sticky. Watering the front and back yards takes 10 trips with the glass bowl I’ve been using. I’m thinking of exploring an urban rain barrel idea – a sort of rain barrel made for smaller apartments or homes, city life. Where would be the best place … More Summer stories

Herby ideas

My mint harvest was plentiful. Last week, I used about 8 cups of it, stems and all, to infuse vodka. Today, I poured the infused vodka through a coffee filter expecting to store it in the freezer and enjoy a minty fresh cocktail tonight. I think I used too much mint for my infusion. Not … More Herby ideas

Herb invasion?

Trev sent me this article from the Washington Post listing ways to deal with an abundance of kitchen herbs. Too much thyme or mint doesn’t seem to be a problem if you want to infuse liquor or cook Italian, or if you eat lots of salads. All on my list of things to do. Today, … More Herb invasion?