Spring can’t come soon enough

There has been one freak snow storm too many here in D.C., and I am ready for a little sunshine. I recently bought my favorite face lotion with spf 30 instead of spf 15, I started going through my closet to donate winter clothes I never wear, I stood shivering on the patio in a sweater and scarf and enjoyed a few sips of wine one night, and I made this:

A map of the garden and what I'd like to plant this spring.
A map of what I hope my garden will look like this year (yea right).

Yes, it is a little ambitious. I’m sure that the list of plants I’d like to start this year wouldn’t fit in a yard twice the size of mine. And my list of project goals is unlikely to happen with the time and resources available to me. But a girl can dream of homemade salsa and zebra grass and a towering trellis full of moonflowers, right? This year, I would like to build planter boxes for the windowsills filled with edible things as will as a succulent garden in a frame like the one here. For these two projects, I need lumber. Lumber is a word that I associate with summer errand trips to Menards with my dad. As a teacher, he used his summers to re-do the back porch or repair a fence. Lumber is also something that is more difficult to transport as a Washingtonian. Carrying wood and bags of soil onto the Metro might draw as many stares as when I forget grocery bags and carry two bottles of wine and a huge can of oatmeal onto the red line. I will most likely use my handy dandy Car2Go card to drive a smart car to Home Depot and pick up supplies. That way, I can play it cool.

Yea man.
Yea man. Source: http://sandiego.car2go.com

My work begins now. Or at least it should. I’ve planted some cilantro, basil and parsley seed starters inside. I’ve successfully kept the cats at bay with a spray bottle.

It's hard to stay annoyed, though.
It’s hard to stay annoyed, though.

Next I need to wage war with the weeds that have found their way up in the front yard and start making things pretty again!

What are you doing to get ready for spring?

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