My 11 a.m. stints of watering and weeding are always accompanied by the smoky smell of delicious barbecue. Kenny’s Smokehouse on the corner benefits from the stand-still heat of a D.C. summer. Both Capitol Hill and Eastern Market residents can smell the sweetness hanging in the air as soon as they step outside.

Fields of basil

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly cut basil in the summertime to make me dream of living in southern Italy. I was particularly inspired when I walked outside on my back porch this week and found this: With a whole night off and a pot full of this Italian sunshine, I decided to break … More Fields of basil

Gardens in Europe

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a great June so far. On May 15th, Trev and I said so long to the cats and packed our suitcases for a two-week journey to Europe. This trip was very special, and we had a few very important goals. 1. Eat a lot of food and drink a … More Gardens in Europe