Using fresh basil

Yes I know that basil is the most cliché of herbs and that I talk about it a lot. Just like Italian restaurants are popular date spots and Honolulu is the standard for a nice vacation. But mozzarella and lounging on the beach with a Pina Colada are well-loved for a reason, so I will indulge my affinity for that popular … More Using fresh basil

Beet the heat

I want to take this moment to thank Mother Nature for beets. Not only are they beautiful, healthy and helpful in detoxing your body, they are also darn delicious. While I was hoping to grow enough beets to set up a pickled beet stand next to my favorite pickle vendor at Eastern Market, I will have to settle … More Beet the heat


I have a lot of too high expectations for my garden’s yield. I say to myself, “I want to make pickled beets,” “I want to can salsa and pasta sauce with my tomatoes,” or “I want to feed the homeless in D.C.” All of these are great feats (one more than the others), but they require … More Tomatoes


Trev recently bought a garden hose and fixed it up to hook onto our kitchen sink. The cats recoil in a combination of fear and curiosity as the giant green snake slithers along the kitchen floor and out the front door. As a result, we no longer have to go back and forth with the water pitcher … More Squashed