I have a lot of too high expectations for my garden’s yield. I say to myself, “I want to make pickled beets,” “I want to can salsa and pasta sauce with my tomatoes,” or “I want to feed the homeless in D.C.” All of these are great feats (one more than the others), but they require more than one tiny bowl of produce. And so far, I’ve produced eight beets.

My seven tomato plants (Roma and Cherry variety) are still standing however, and I take that as a vast accomplishment. They have to deal with briefcases and grocery bags bustling by them and neighbors knocking the leaves on their way to grab packages under the stairs. I started them all from seed outside in plastic seed starters, and now they each are tied up to stakes, flowering nicely, and I’ve spotted a few little green guys starting to grow.

Here a slideshow of the progress since May.


5 thoughts on “Tomatoes

  1. Hi! Do the coffee grinds help? I’ve seen it advertised in Starbucks that used grinds are good for the garden but I’ve never actually seen it in action!

    1. I’m not sure! I haven’t tested it either way, but it doesn’t seem to be hurting them yet haha. Do you do anything extra for your tomatoes?

      1. No I don’t yet – this is only the second year I’ve ever tried growing the. I’m very careful to water them a lot though as I know they’re very thirsty plants!!!

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