Beet the heat

I want to take this moment to thank Mother Nature for beets. Not only are they beautiful, healthy and helpful in detoxing your body, they are also darn delicious. While I was hoping to grow enough beets to set up a pickled beet stand next to my favorite pickle vendor at Eastern Market, I will have to settle for 10 dirt-covered roots that range from tiny to very small.

I was disappointed in the color at first, but once I sliced the tops off, I noticed the pretty purple color is underneath their skin.
I was disappointed in the muted color. Once I sliced the tops off though, I realized the pretty purple blood runs underneath their skin.

In May, these little babies were sewn as seeds directly into my part-soil/part-clay yard. I watered them (nearly) every day and thinned them to an inch apart once the leaves started developing. When the shoulders of the roots became visible in late July, I gently pulled them up. The beets growing in a planter container haven’t grown as fast or heartily as the ones in the yard.

My grandma’s pickled beet recipe makes me wish I had some farmland. I would use it all to grow beets, and then the farmers would laugh at me and call me a city girl. I am stocked up on sugar, vinegar and pickling spice, so once I supplement my own yield with store-bought beets to make enough for a full jar, and I will let you know how it goes!


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