Homemade Crackers

While getting ideas for fresh and interesting dinners, I love reading food blogs. A few of my tabs include: Oh She Glows, Lauren Conrad’s dining section, Green Kitchen Stories, Tasty Yummies, The Realistic Nutritionist, and my favorite, My New Roots. Last week, I tried a homemade cracker recipe from My New Roots for a change of pace. … More Homemade Crackers

Birthday Guacamole

For my 24th birthday on Tuesday night, I had some gorgeous people over to the apartment for fresh margaritas, my favorite Octoberfest beer and snacks. I had picked the ripe tomatoes and about six cups of fresh basil the night before, so I whipped up pesto and hummus to go with tortilla chips and vegetables. … More Birthday Guacamole

Weeknight dinners

Trev and I have been making an effort to cook more and eat out less. So here starts a series of our creations. Our new unwritten goal is very easy to keep if we maintain a stocked fridge and an abundant garden, but unfortunately my garden produces very few things abundantly and we rarely have the time or energy … More Weeknight dinners

Progress and Pizza

I have enjoyed my easy recipe for homemade pizza dough as found in The Heart of the Plate cookbook by Mollie Katzen. The low-maintenance recipe contains just flour, yeast, salt, water, olive oil and about an hour and a half of your time. It is rare that I love the swampy weather of D.C., but when I set my … More Progress and Pizza

Return from Iowa

It’s nice to have fresh things breathing and growing in the middle of this city. It helps when returning from a week-long trip to Iowa (heaping plates of fresh produce raised by my grandma and mom, deviled eggs that started out in my aunt’s chicken coop and the many agricultural delights of the Iowa State Fair) and finding only hot … More Return from Iowa