Return from Iowa

It’s nice to have fresh things breathing and growing in the middle of this city. It helps when returning from a week-long trip to Iowa (heaping plates of fresh produce raised by my grandma and mom, deviled eggs that started out in my aunt’s chicken coop and the many agricultural delights of the Iowa State Fair) and finding only hot sauce, almond milk and half a can of cat food in the fridge.

Too bad I couldn't get THIS back on the plane. It would certainly stock our pantry.
Nothing says late August to me like a giant pumpkin contest, the butter cow, sweet corn and fried food on a stick. Too bad I couldn’t get THIS back on the plane. It would definitely bulk up the pantry. Photo by Trev Eischen.

After an early wake-up call, a 5 a.m. drive to the airport, a stopover in Detroit, one coffee and one airplane-sized bag of Barbie’s pretzels, it was a joy to come home to sunny, ripe and shiny red tomatoes. Even if the tomato plants themselves looked a little parched …

It took me no time to make a garbage omelet with stuff in the fridge, and these fresh tomatoes helped open our eyes a little.
After watering outside, I made brunch: omelets containing the sparse leftovers in the fridge (I left the cat food for the cats). The fresh tomatoes added brightness and helped cure our weary traveler’s blues. Photo by Trev Eischen and his fancy iPhone.
Week-old rice and beans, bacon and fresh tomatoes make a great combo. This prepped me to go grocery shopping and helped Trev sign on to work after getting three hours of sleep the night before. Thank you, garden! Thanks, Trev’s iPhone for the photo.
Riding the Sky Ride at the Iowa State Fair, a Sontag family tradition that was forced on this poor Chicagoan with a tiny fear of heights.
Riding the Sky Ride down the hill at the Iowa State Fair. This is a Sontag family tradition that was forced on a poor Chicagoan who has a tiny fear of heights.

One thought on “Return from Iowa

  1. What a delightful blog. everything about it is funny, warm and interesting. (I didn’t know Trev was afraid of heights?). also, you describe the traveling blues just like I experience them myself. and oh how the garden can heal. And what good photos can Trev’s fancy phone take.

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