Weeknight Dinners: Sweet potato and spinach wraps

“I don’t know whether nice people tend to grow roses or growing roses makes people nice.” – Roland A. Browne

Beautiful potted roses from Trev.
Beautiful potted birthday roses (and another sweet, pretty gift) from Trev.

Here at the end of summer, the garden is really only yielding tomatoes and a few herbs. Like last year, my goal in future gardening endeavors is to always increase my yield. I need more space! Or more containers anyway. I would like to start getting more creative with raised beds, barrels, bookshelves and more.

Until two years ago, I hated raw tomatoes. And now look at me: I nurture them and feed them. And take pictures of them in awe. Weird.

It seems like every time I walk outside, there are three newly ripened tomatoes ready for harvest. I feel so lucky.

When I was a nanny in southern France for a summer, my host parents ate very light. Probably to accommodate for the three bottles of wine and two packs of cigarettes they would go through each night. For lunch, I ate a piece of baguette with meat and cheese and a whole plate of fresh vegetables. Cucumbers, carrots, onions, radishes, lettuce, and yes tomatoes. Just plain. Sometimes with mustard vinaigrette. I ate outside in the 75 degree, dry, warm sun under the fig tree. Yes, a fig tree. Everyone should go to southern France right now.

Fresh tomatoes are so easy to throw on anything from rice to baked eggplant to tacos to guacamole! Plus they just look pretty. They will definitely be a staple in next year’s garden. And I will probably start them from seed again. I certainly drink enough coffee and eat enough eggs to provide the seedlings with a little extra oomph.

Recently I was looking up DIY plant food recipes for roses and came across some interesting ideas. I saw some crossover with what I’ve read about tomato plants as far adding coffee grounds for caffeine and crushed eggshells for calcium boosts, but fish tank water? Kelp? Molasses? Cat food? Human urine??????? Who knew. Check it out here and here.

Here is a tiny weeknight creation using the tomatoes.

Fall is coming, so I decided to break out the sweet potato. I cooked the chunks with onions in a little olive oil, herbs, pepper and cinnamon until they were soft.
Fall is coming. Look out, delicious sweet potato and pumpkin. I cooked the chunks with onions in a little olive oil, herbs, pepper and cinnamon until they were soft. Then I threw in two large handfuls of spinach and let it cook until the spinach was wilted and had absorbed all the good flavors. Because I actually don’t like the taste of spinach, I prefer to get my iron by cooking it with good-tasting stuff or throwing it in smoothies.
Served on a wrap with chopped garden tomatoes and a dollop of Greek yogurt.

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