Delaware: Can I stay here?

I had never thought to visit the country’s first little state until I turned on a short TV documentary series about Dogfish Head Craft Brewery called Brew Masters. The show followed the owner of the brewery as he traveled the world and created new beer flavors inspired by his trips. I tried some of their beers, fell  in love with a sweet, dark one called Raison d’Etre and decided I’d like to visit their brewery located in Milton, DE. Thank you, Netflix. This was two years ago. In June, Trev organized a spontaneous weekend camping trip to Delaware. Seriously – it was organized on Monday. We left on Friday. I’m dating a master planner – it works because I’ll never be one.

When I was growing up, my family camped a lot. In the summers, we would take family vacations (usually to national parks) and take all of our camping stuff. Mostly, it would rain. We woke up soaking wet a lot. My sister and I slept in the backseat a lot. It was the life. No cell phones to get water damaged. The only thing we worried about was getting the Beanie Babies safely out of the tent.

Trev and I rented a car, drove two hours, crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, passed through adorable farming towns, and camped in a state park called Killens Pond State Park. Very primitive stuff right here, folks. One post to hang your trash, one fire pit and one picnic table. We definitely excelled at “getting away.” It was quiet, relaxing and beautiful. And no rain! I loved having the freedom of the rental car. We drove to Milton to tour the brewery, jogged over to Rehoboth Beach for sun, waves and seafood, stopped at a produce stand for strawberries, peaches and Amish-made jam, and still had enough time to taste six wines each at a Delaware winery before heading back to D.C. on Sunday.

I would press repeat on this trip in a heartbeat.


In other news, we went to Virginia Beach in June. It was also perfect.

Janie invited us to go for her birthday. Many Coronas, delicious fishies and sunburns were had.
Janie invited us to go for her birthday. Many Coronas, delicious seafood and sunburns were had.

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