Yummy goodness

Yesterday, I took a bite from an apple, looked up at the sky and said thank you. I eat an apple about every day, and I’ve never done that before. Picked up at one of the many apple stands at Eastern Market, I don’t even remember what kind it was. But I tasted pure yummy goodness. The change … More Yummy goodness

Homemade Crackers

While getting ideas for fresh and interesting dinners, I love reading food blogs. A few of my tabs include: Oh She Glows, Lauren Conrad’s dining section, Green Kitchen Stories, Tasty Yummies, The Realistic Nutritionist, and my favorite, My New Roots. Last week, I tried a homemade cracker recipe from My New Roots for a change of pace. … More Homemade Crackers

Winter blues

Guys, it’s been awhile. Let me fill you in on some things. 1. It’s the dead of winter and everyone, even my two cats, is feeling it. I miss my patio, the garden, candles outside, fresh pesto, my jeans with a huge hole in the knee and having people over. Yes, I’m going to say … More Winter blues