Weeknight dinners

Trev and I have been making an effort to cook more and eat out less. So here starts a series of our creations. Our new unwritten goal is very easy to keep if we maintain a stocked fridge and an abundant garden, but unfortunately my garden produces very few things abundantly and we rarely have the time or energy … More Weeknight dinners

Bottle garden

With a tight budget and a slightly lazy gardening technique, I need to catch those good ideas when they fall. After accumulating a good amount of wine bottles over a week (or two, but really probably just one week), Trev came up with a brilliant upside-down wine bottle garden idea. Here is a video of … More Bottle garden

Pizza and basil

I’m beginning to see my gardening efforts infiltrate the kitchen. I came home from work last night to find that my sister and my boyfriend had made a pizza for dinner. They made a Margherita-esque pizza with fresh basil leaves from the garden. One night I have to squint and inhale dirt to see it. … More Pizza and basil