Homemade Crackers

While getting ideas for fresh and interesting dinners, I love reading food blogs. A few of my tabs include: Oh She Glows, Lauren Conrad’s dining section, Green Kitchen Stories, Tasty Yummies, The Realistic Nutritionist, and my favorite, My New Roots. Last week, I tried a homemade cracker recipe from My New Roots for a change of pace. … More Homemade Crackers

Return from Iowa

It’s nice to have fresh things breathing and growing in the middle of this city. It helps when returning from a week-long trip to Iowa (heaping plates of fresh produce raised by my grandma and mom, deviled eggs that started out in my aunt’s chicken coop and the many agricultural delights of the Iowa State Fair) and finding only hot … More Return from Iowa


At the start of December 2012, I flew from Iowa to Washington, D.C. with two suitcases of clothes and my journalism and French degrees. My boyfriend, Trev, met me at Union Station, and we took a taxi to a row house where I was renting a bedroom. The next week, I found myself employed as … More Introduction