Homemade Crackers

While getting ideas for fresh and interesting dinners, I love reading food blogs. A few of my tabs include: Oh She Glows, Lauren Conrad’s dining section, Green Kitchen Stories, Tasty Yummies, The Realistic Nutritionist, and my favorite, My New Roots. Last week, I tried a homemade cracker recipe from My New Roots for a change of pace. … More Homemade Crackers

Birthday Guacamole

For my 24th birthday on Tuesday night, I had some gorgeous people over to the apartment for fresh margaritas, my favorite Octoberfest beer and snacks. I had picked the ripe tomatoes and about six cups of fresh basil the night before, so I whipped up pesto and hummus to go with tortilla chips and vegetables. … More Birthday Guacamole

Using fresh basil

Yes I know that basil is the most cliché of herbs and that I talk about it a lot. Just like Italian restaurants are popular date spots and Honolulu is the standard for a nice vacation. But mozzarella and lounging on the beach with a Pina Colada are well-loved for a reason, so I will indulge my affinity for that popular … More Using fresh basil

Fields of basil

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly cut basil in the summertime to make me dream of living in southern Italy. I was particularly inspired when I walked outside on my back porch this week and found this: With a whole night off and a pot full of this Italian sunshine, I decided to break … More Fields of basil

Herby ideas

My mint harvest was plentiful. Last week, I used about 8 cups of it, stems and all, to infuse vodka. Today, I poured the infused vodka through a coffee filter expecting to store it in the freezer and enjoy a minty fresh cocktail tonight. I think I used too much mint for my infusion. Not … More Herby ideas